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Interview with Tendências – Portugal

1.) How did the brand “Be Accessoried” come about?

Since childhood, I have been very fascinated by fashion. Specifically – however not limited to, jewelry and accessories. At a young age, I started stringing beads and bending all sorts of wires, to create all sorts of jewelry, bags, hair accessories, etcetera. Once a pattern or technique became too simple to make, I sought out complex ideas to try out. I love a challenge! At a point I used to even cut out fabrics for my dolls, sew them and add embellishments. I remember at the age of twelve, I made a bikini with beads for one of my dolls. What better way to make good use of my passion? I started all sorts of little buying and selling businesses at a young age with little or no experience- all in the same field. I failed severally, learnt lessons, moved on and started again until the idea of “Be Accessoried” came to mind. It started officially on the 1st of April 2019.

2.) Where are you located?

I am located in Belgium, Europe.
3.) Do you have a physical store or just online?
At the moment, I do not have a physical store. However I have a home office, warehouses and a fully functional online store that provides worldwide delivery. I also host POP-UP shopping events at intervals.
4.) What is the “Be Accessoried” brand concept? 
The brand name means – 
“Be embodied by, equipped with, decorated with… exude and radiate it!”
Have you ever felt limited by old fashion rules? 
You cannot wear gold and silver together, you cannot do this or that. Girl, break the rules already! 
Are you one that can never figure out which accessories to wear? 
There’s an event and you have no clue what to accessorise with? 
I absolutely know all these feelings. That’s why “Be Accessoried” exists as it offers a selected collection of items that can be worn everyday and on special occasions. It varies from simple to flamboyant, you could mix and match as you like, as there are no rules in our game.
Would you also like personal advice? I am one message/e-mail away! Advice wherever you are 🙂 
The trick is to have selected signature pieces you can throw on at any given time to complete that look.
Ps: The brand name is pronounced /Be Accessoreed/.
5.) What feminine empowerment message would you like to convey? 
“Strength, Passion, Intelligence, Beauty, All-In-One Woman. Dare To Be Her!” – Be Accessoried ©️
In my humble words, this is what I stand for.
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